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West Coast/ Clementi

Dover Crescent, travel West

Charmaine Phang

  • Grade 8 in Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Experience: 1 year in Joy Waltz Studio

  • I am currently studying full time Certificate in Music at Singapore Raffles Music College.
    I started music appreciation at the age of 3 in Kindermusik for 2 years. The theme that I have learnt were the whole series of imagine that comprising Toys I make, Trip I take, see what I saw, Hello Weather and Cities at Kindermusik Cottage. I enjoyed the music appreciation lesson very much. It was very interesting, fun and enjoyable.

  • After graduating from Kindermusik, I continued my next stage of electronic music lesson at Yamaha Music School. I learnt 2 years at Yamaha when I was 5 years old, I started learning grade 1 ABRSM at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio. I have many performances during my piano lessons at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio. I obtained my ABRSM Grade 5 music theory and passed with merit in 2014. I also obtained my ABRSM Grade 8 practical with a pass in 2017. My last piece of performance was at the National Gallery formally known as Supreme Court. The song that I performed was Waltz in B minor.

  • Key Skills
    - Able to develop individual lesson plans
    - Able to conduct lesson individually and in groups
    - Able to teach students from different age groups
    - Able to motivate young children and adults
    - Excellent in interpersonal and verbal communication skills
    - Dedicated to teach students

  • I taught piano to a group of 6 to 8 students, ranging from 3 to 6 years of age. Each lesson was an hour long. Despite the lesson being an hour long, some of the students have a short concentration span. I increased their attention span by using a few methods. I spoke to them individually at eye level in a gentle tone, gave them stickers on their hand and wrote their name on a piece of paper and show it to them. These 3 methods that I used made the students that I taught more cooperative.

  • However, some of the students were not cooperative because they have just started learning piano and were not familiar with the piano keys. Thus, I solved this challenge by pasting keyboard letter stickers on the piano keys. This method is efficient in helping students to identify the positions of the notes easily. As part of my experience as a piano teacher, I learnt how to flash PowerPoint slides from the computer to the visualiser.
    From my experience, being a piano teacher can be tremendously rewarding and fulfilling. As the saying goes, “Teaching begins in the heart of a passionate educator”. The art of guiding a student on a journey is one that comes naturally to some, but can certainly be learned by others who have the right skills.

Clementi, travel to West and Central

Jasmine Khoo


  • I have acquired my ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate when I was 12 and went on to take my Trinity ATCL Piano Examination at 14. After Secondary School, I was accepted into St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School in Perth on an International Music Scholarship for 2 years. During that 2 years, I have performed in every music concert in school and performed a Bach Concerto with my school’s orchestra during my final year. I have also competed in the Fremantle Eisteddfod Piano Competition in 2018 and came in 3rd. I am currently pursuing my Undergraduate Music degree in the University of Melbourne and will graduate in 2021.


  • I have been playing the piano since I was 4 and I have performed in countless school performances, performed at Esplanade and participated in piano competitions.

Overview about yourself:

I am a detailed teacher that focus on technique used according to time period of the piece. I also focus on the overall flow and emotion of the music, ensuring the students understand the mood of the piece and perform accordingly.

Teban Garden and travel to West

Mandy Kong

  • Grade 8 Piano (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music - ABRSM)

  • Pursuing Diploma in Piano ARSM

  • Ms. Mandy Kong is a loving and patient teacher. She plans her lesson according to student's progress.

  • Request

Teban Garden /West

Lee Miao Jun

  • DipLCM in Teaching Piano

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 6 years in a music school
    Highest grade taught: G8
    Have taught children from 5 years old to adults

  • I aim for students to understand the foundation and be able to read and play music independently. I'm very patient and willing to guide students at an appropriate pace.

Dover/ Travel to all areas

Jessica Lee

  • 1. Fellow diploma in Piano Performance, Trinity College of London (FTCL)
    2. Licentiate diploma in Piano Performance, Trinity College of London (LTCL) (Distinction)
    3. ABRSM Grade 8 Piano (Distinction) (Performed at High Scorers’ Concert)
    4. ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory (Distinction)
    5. A levels Higher 2 (H2) & Higher 3 (H3) Music
    6. Yamaha Graded Examinations Grade 6
    7. ABRSM Grade 5 Flute

  • I am a passionate and motivated teacher who believes in making my lessons interesting and fulfilling for my students. I give clear explanations on secret techniques and practice tips that help my students improve efficiently and effectively.

  • I believe in setting focused goals for each lesson and working on both technical and musical aspects of my students' playing from the beginning of their musical journey. I am also patient and flexible in my teaching approach.

  • I am familiar with the ABRSM syllabus and have managed to guide my students through common challenges such as forgetting their scales and sight-reading difficulties.

  • I break down technical difficulties for my students when they learn new pieces and introduce practice strategies that help them overcome the challenges they face faster.

  • I believe in setting a good foundation for my students by stressing the importance of paying attention to details in the music and learning to play musically.

  • I have managed to self-devise and recommend appropriate lesson materials, while teaching privately, that have helped beginners starting from scratch gain confidence in note-reading and develop skills such as being able to count rhythms and follow fingering.

  • I learnt to tailor my lessons to the different needs and preferences in music of my students who ranged from young children to teenagers. For instance, I teach my teenage students the pop music they like or introduce jazz pieces to maintain their interest in playing the piano.

  • On the other hand, my younger students learn to play the Disney pieces they like, or play short pieces from the Piano Adventures and Party Time book series. I am also familiar with Yamaha’s teaching materials and will continue to keep myself updated on other method books as well.

  • I believe in supplementing a diverse range of repertoire to my students besides the exam pieces in the ABRSM syllabus to enrich their musical journey and help them build up their technique to go on to the higher grades in future.

West Coast/ West

Yong Hui Yu

  • Grade 8, Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Fun loving and love kids. I am also a Swimming coach and have been teaching for the past year. Love teaching kids.


Sheryl Yeo

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Sheryl Yeo has 2 years of private tutoring experience.

  • In SMU's piano club.

  • Patient and motivated teacher to inculcate passion for piano to students.

Clementi/ West

Lee Yijie, Charles

  • ABRSM Diploma in Piano Performance (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano and Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Teaching experience:
    Piano teacher, Cristofori Music School Sept 17 to Present
    • Taught students ranging from 5-6 years old, to adult learners for casual and graded learning
    • Conducted student recitals to provide performance experiences

  • Mr. Charles began his musical journey from 7 learning the piano. He joined the concert band in Hwa Chong and in NUS as a flautist, and prepared for his diploma in piano performance while he concurrently pursued his degree in psychology. He also teaches in Cristofori Music School for the past 1.5 years. 

  • As a teacher, he believes in acting as a mentor to bring the best out of his students, and the greatest reward is building passion and commitment in his students. His students range from beginners ages 5-6, up till adults, with some learning music seriously and others purely for leisure. 

  • Mr. Charles is patient and encouraging: he strongly believes the musical journey is less about talent, but largely a test of character, determination and effort. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged in the learning process, and Mr. Charles is very happy to update parents with their children’s currently learning progress, as well as provide suggestions for how parents can help when they oversee the child’s practice at home.

  • Mr. Charles is constantly seeking to outdo himself, achieving 4th place in the Batam International Piano Competition in 2017 and performing for Cristofori Music School's annual company event in 2018.

West Coast

Jamie Loo

  • ATCL Diploma in Music Performance (Trinity College London)

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Peer Coach in NTU Piano Ensemble and performed for several events and concerts held at Esplanade

  • I am a positive individual who is passionate about music, having played the piano since the age of four. I can play by ear, transcribing complicated pieces by artists like The Piano Guys and served as a pianist in church.

  • I can make lessons interesting by teaching students to play arrangements of pop songs or requested songs, if they wish to learn beyond the syllabus.

  • I also have experience with the harp and guitar so the extent of my musical knowledge is beyond the norm.

West Coast/ West

Tan Yan Tong

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Previously instructor in a piano CCA for a few months.
    Previously taught 3 students of age 6,7, and 9 in a International School for a month.
    Currently teaching 1 adult grade 1 practical and theory.

  • Teaching approach may differ for different age groups, and also based on the student's interest.

  • I have been learning the piano since 7 years old and now currently learning grade 8 theory.

  • I think I am very patient and encouraging, hoping to bring the best to my students.

Dover/ West/ Central

Monica Koh

  • ABRSM Grade 8 practical and Theory

  • 14 years experience

  • I can teach both classical and pop songs. My youngest student is 4 years old, oldest is 50 years old.

Clementi/ Dover/Holland V/orchard/Bukit timah

Michello Yeo

  • DipABRSM in piano performance (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Diploma in Piano Performance LTCL (Trinity, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Ms. Michell is 28 years old and she has been teaching for 11 years now. She is looking for students who are interested in learning how to play the piano and discover the joy of music.

  • Beginners both kids and adults are welcome. She is able to travel to homes to teach. 

  • She follow ABRSM syllabus for both practical and theory exams. She has been performing regularly for concerts in Singapore and is a piano accompanist for many classical instruments (violin, viola, saxophone, flute, oboe, voice).

  • Her past teachers include Mr Timothy Ku, Miss Sylvia Ng, and Mr Chong Poh Kong. 

Clementi/ West/ Central

Ji Yin Low

  • Trinity Guildhall Advanced Level Graded Examination in Music Performance Grade 8 Piano with Distinction, 

  • Number of years playing the piano: 14

  • Performance experience: Singing and playing piano/keyboard for multiple events such as charity fundraisers, corporate events and gigs at bars,

  • Teaching approach: For beginners, I prefer to use the Faber method - using the Faber Piano Adventure books to introduce piano playing theory, technique and artistry through these colourful, helpful books. For students who are not beginners, I adjust my teaching method to each student's learning style in order to help them excel further 

  • Background and strengths: I have been playing piano since a young age and have maintained a deep passion for music of all genres. I enjoy playing music of all styles and am confident in teaching classical and pop piano/keyboard.

  • Beliefs: I am someone who believes strongly in nurturing people's love and enjoyment of music and of making it. I hope to share my passion with my students and help to nurture the same passion in them.


Fiona Lee

  • ABRSM Practical Grade 8; Theory Grade 8

  • 4 years teaching experience

  • Ms. Fiona is approachable, friendly, patient, gentle towards children, always wears a smile on her face. She was invited as a guest pianist for Cristofori Edu Fair in 2015. Besides, she was a pianist, keyboardist, and percussionist for school events and interclub music showcases in 2014 and in 2015.

  • Her strength is thorough; ensures students master a certain piece or skill well. She will also tackle any ad-hoc piano materials that students want to learn


Monica Ying

  • LLCM Piano Performance (London Colleage Music, U.K.)

  • ATCL Piano Performance (Trinity, U.K.)

  • ABRSM Practical Grade 8; Theory Grade 8

  • 16 years full time teaching experience

  • Ms Monica recognizes that every student has unique needs and abilities; therefore her teaching approach to address those needs and maximize their potential. She believe that all children are capable of learning music and that teaching includes a never-ending journey of discovery to find out what enables them to be successful learners in addition to the joy of making music. 

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