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Currently in Singapore, there are only two popular music examination board that are legally recognized and they are; ABRSM examination, and Trinity  examination.



We are happy to say that we have professional teachers who offer formal preparation for students who are willing to take part in ABRSM Practical Exams and ABRSM Theory of Music Exams from Grade 1 to 8.

Check out our post on story behind Lang Lang when he was young. 


Are you in search for graded piano lessons to you pass your piano music examinations?

Search no more, here at THEpianoteachersg, our professional piano teachers are here to help you excel in your standard piano examinations!

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our students.

Do I Have To Take Every Grade Of The Exam?

No, you don’t need to take every exam. You can skip some grades if you know you possess the quality of that grade. Our professional teachers will give you advice on how you can achieve that. 

Will My Teacher Register Exam For Me Or My Kids? 

Yes, your teacher will help you to register exam ​during a exam registration period. Please note that there are three sessions of exam every year. Alternatively, you can apply an applicant number through ABRSM which is open two weeks prior to exam registration period and you will be able to enter the exam yourself. 

Is ABRSM And Trinity College Music Exam The Same?

Both exams are legally recognized by the government, but there are some differences in both exams. ABRSM Grade 1 to 8 is slightly more popular in Singapore. 

Can I Try Out One Month Lesson? 

Yes. You may try out lessons for one month which is 4 lessons before you decide to follow the teacher permanently. 

The purpose of arranging one month lesson is to meet your piano teacher and to get a sense of teacher's teaching approach and teacher will be able to access student's playing. 


What Are The Duration And Fees?

Duration: 45 or 60 minutes

For grade 1-3, each piano class is 45mins with practical and theory. 

While for grade 4-8 each piano class is 60mins exclude theory. If you want to progress better, please feel free to discuss the duration with your teacher. 

The rates depends on the qualifications and experience of teachers. The beginner rates ranging from $30-45 per lesson depending on duration, location and teacher's qualifications. As soon as you send in your request, we will notify the teacher in your location and the teacher. 

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