• ABRSM Grade 8 in Piano

  • ABRSM Grade 8 in Music Theory

  • I started to learn piano at the age of 6. I am now currently working on getting the ATCL diploma. I want to start teaching piano to enhance my music learning.

Punggol/ Northeast

Elsa Chai

  • A full-time piano teacher

  • Only teach at home studio at Edgefield Plains

  • Qualifications



  • Experience

  • I have been teaching for the past 10 years, starting from teaching at music school. Students ranging from 5yo to adults.

  • Overview

  • I always believe that music is something that students must enjoy while also learning to play the instrument. Lesson usually conducted in a very easy going manner especially for those young children that only have little focus. I like to do more music appreciation by listening to music and lyrics. and also do some duets to improve coordination.

Home Studio: Edgefield Plains

Abigail Lee

  • Nanyang Academy of fine arts - diploma in Music Teaching

  • National Institute of Education - Diploma in Music Education

  • Teaching in a music school currently.

  • Taught music in MOE primary school in the past

  • I like to experience new ways of teaching and adjusting to the needs of the individual student. As every student learns differently, I believe in doing differentiation learning. I want my student to not just go for grading but to enjoy music and playing the piano.

Punggol/ North East/ North/ East

Andrew Chen

  • Grade 8 jazz performance (LCM, U.K.)

  • I'm been teaching in play by ear music for about 4 to 5 years , been in the local performing scene for 4 years , places such as switch by timber, shuffle , unplugged, weddings event , various clubs, etc etc

  • I teach pop piano and jazz piano improvisation only , how to approach a fake or lead sheet rightly, voicings , jazz voicing , scales , improvisation techniques and more

Punggol/ Northeast

Ong Zixuan

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • Out of curiosity and leisure, Zixuan was fortunate to get the touch of piano when 6.

  • She went on to graded exams because she grew a huge passion in music (her dad plays the drum and her uncle plays the organ).

  • She can safely say she is very hardworking when it comes to having a goal and achieving them (exam pieces and scales). 

  • Finally, in October 2018, she got her grade 8 certificate and decided that she wish to further her knowledge in piano by having lessons with like-minded beings.

  • She enjoys teaching young kids and have experience in them. She is able to grasp the in-between of having fun with them and ensuring that they learn something every time they leave the place. She loves to add in some songs that are closer to heart to liven up the lesson too!

  • She is also open to adult students and would very much love to be given the chance. :)

Punggol/ North East

Carol Chong

  • Diploma in Pianoforte from Australian Guild Music and Speech Inc 

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • Ms. Carol Chong is a full time female piano teacher with five years of teaching experience at music schools and private teaching 

  • Students portfolio include five-year old beginners and pupils taking Grade 8 ABRSM examinations

  • Patient and dedicated to nurturing students’ love for music as well as developing musicianship

Punggol/ North East

Adriana Lim

  • Grade 8 piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Adriana Lim is a full time piano teacher. 

  • She has 24 years private piano and keyboard teaching.

  • Former Educator for Kindermusik and my Music Classrom.

  • Head keyboard Teacher with Bhaskar Arts Academy

  • Former educator with Mastereign.

  • She is a very positive teacher with jokes during lessons. She believes music is not just reading notation and observe other details. It is about feelings. She likes to create story and lead students into the world of the piece they are playing. Make music fun, make them alive.

Punggol East/ Northeast


  • Grade 8 piano & Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Jazzmine has 7 years of experience teaching young students. 

  • Her piano teacher is an Australian who has a lot of teaching&performance experienced. She did learn a lot from her. You can either learn piano with her for leisure or to prepare for exams. 

  • She will conduct at your house. 3 words to describe her “patience, friendly and responsible”. She believes having a positive attitude will lead you to success.

Punggol Field Walk

Abigail Tan

  • Trinity College London ATCL Diploma in Music Performance with Distinction.

  • Trinity College London Grade 8 Theory of Music with Merit.

  • GCE 'A' Levels H2 Music - B grade

  • Ms Abigail has been teaching in a music school since March 2016 and has experienced teaching students from beginner to Grade 6 level. 

  • She was part of her school's Symphonic Band for 5 years, playing the flute. She was also part of the Chinese Orchestra in Primary School.

  • She is currently a full-time Diploma in Music Performance (piano major) student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). 

  • She is able to adjust her teaching methods and expectations to her students' needs.

Punggol Drive

Melissa Tan

  • Diploma in Piano Performance ATCL (Trinity, U.K.) 

  • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 13 years teaching experience

  • Ms Melissa had plenty of experience with students of all ages from 3-60+. She taught in couple of piano schools and at her home studio. 

  • She believes that all lessons should be tailor made for each students. Her goal in teaching piano is to instill the love for music in students. She would love to teach students of special needs as I believe music is for everyone since its a universal language.

Punggol Walk

Stephannie Tang

  • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 13 years teaching experience

  • Ms Stephannie is a fun and easy going teacher. She has the great approach and she has learned that the students best respond to learning if the environment is engaging. She always build a strong rapport with students through great communication and the students enjoy her lessons.   

Punggol Drive

Karen Yeung

  • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 4 years teaching experience

  • Ms. Karen has experience teaching young children. She believes in creating a conducive and friendly environment for children learning music and bringing out the potential of every student. 

  • She gives her beginner piano students a great head start in their musical education, with a solid foundation covering piano technique which would serve them well to continue piano and bring out the potential of every student.. Besides, she has experience in teaching visually impaired students as well and is a patient piano teacher. 


Ed Koh

  • LaSalle diploma, AmusTCL

  • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 20plus years experience as a teacher and music arranger in pop music industry. Teach both pop and classical piano, advance level theory, composition, improvisation etc.

  • Lesson plan customised to each student's ability and what they want to learn. Best teaching theory 6-8, pop piano and composition.

Punggol/ Northeast

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