North East

  • Tan Ru Yi

    Hougang; Travel to all areas


    • Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Performance;

    • Licentiate Trinity College of London; DipABRSM in Piano Performance;

    • Certified MOE instructor


    • I have extensive teaching and performance experience throughout Malaysia, Australia and Singapore (13 years of teaching experience.

    • I have prepared a number of my students (below age 8) for competition and they got Gold or Silver.

    • Besides, I prepare advanced music theory students (Grade 6 and above) and most of her students got Merit or Distinctions.

    • In addition, I like to challenge and prepare intensive theory lessons for young children. Grade1-5 in one and half year.

    • In the past years, my students received 100% passes in ABRSM exams and a proven track record of students achieving merits, distinctions and even high distinctions in their exams.

    • In addition, I assist adult students in preparing for Diploma in Teaching for both ABRSM and Trinity.


    • Passion, Joy and Discipline is my teaching philosophy. I teach depend on different needs and learning styles of every student.

    • I acquired Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy and Performance from University of Science Malaysia where I was awarded a scholarship to The University of Adelaide under the guidance of renowned Stephen Whittington.

    • Besides, I acquired Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honours in Music Education from Sultan Idris Education University of Malaysia where I was in the Dean's list throughout my 4-year courses and ranked #1 of class of 2009 under the guidance of Mr. Jamie Smith, who served as ABRSM coordinator of Malaysia.

    • In addition, I acquired Licentiate Trinity London College in Piano Recital with Distinction and Diploma in Piano Performance from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Grade 8 flute qualification as my minor instrument.

  • Joanne Tay

    Home Studio: Lorong Lew Lian (Serangoon) and travel to northeast

    Full time piano teacher

    Qualification & Experience

    • MA Music Education, UCL-IOE London

    • BA Music, NAFA

    • MOE certified

    • 15 years teaching from local to international students of all ages and abilities.

    Overview about Teacher Joanne Tay

    • MA graduate of renowned Institute of Education in London. Freshly returned in SG after a few years of living and working in EU. Experienced teacher (15 years) for all ages and nationalities from children to adults. Taking in a small number of students and accompaniment for choirs in schools as well as ABRSM instrumental exams. Will recommend and prepare pieces for study, not necessarily exam pieces as I believe in gearing students towards independent learning and instilling a love for learning. Previous students testimonials on request.

  • Hazel Chen

    Home Studio: Jalan Kayu; Travel to north-east


    -ARSM Diploma in piano performance
    -LCM Diploma in piano performance
    -ABRSM grade 8 theory


    I have taught for 2 years at home to children mostly aged 5-11 years old.
    Highest grade taught is grade 5.
    Currently i am still pursuing the DipABRSM and actively performing in concerts organized by my music teacher.


    I believe in bringing the most fun and engaging lessons to younger children by using board games, flash cards as well as activity sheets to allow them to have a better understanding of the concepts.
    Exposing students to a variety of songs is also a key objective when the student is able to recognize the piano notes.
    I started learning piano at the age of 11 and also am able to play the pipa. I have been participating in chinese orchestras and performing regularly since 2009. My strengths are that i am patient to young students and am willing to let students explore their interest in music genre so as to motivate them and in turn nuture their love for music

  • Faisal

    Serangoon North and travel to student& travel all areas

    • Full-time piano teacher

    • LTCL piano (Distinction) Trinity
      Grade 8 Theory ABRSM
      Grade 8 Practical ABRSM
      Grade 6 Guitar YAMAHA
      Diploma in Music YAMAHA

    • 17 years of experience teaching music schools and privately.

    • 5 years teaching in MOE Schools teaching IT Music.

    • My highest level taught currently ATCL.

    • Performance in Bars,Restaurants,Club and Hotels for the past 12yrs experience.

    • I teach and perform in hotel lobby pianist.

    • currently im teaching in music schools and privately.I teach theory,classical and pop piano and guitar and ukelele.I have experience teaching of 17years in music schools and privately and 5years teaching in MOE schools teaching IT music.15 years of performing from bars,restaurant,country clubs, clubs and hotels.

    • My students range from 5 to 75years old.

    • I have about 20-30 students.

    • The best teacher will help the students bonding with the teacher,encouragement, knowledge,learning alot of techniques in playing,never give up attitude.

    • Long term goal for student is for them to learn as much as possible, knowledge, music never ends n understanding the music.

    • I want my student to develop more skills in playing,ear training,understanding of the different types of music genre.

    • As a teacher i will help my student to give the best,encouragement,never give up and think positive.

  • Tricia Lim


    • Post Grad in piano Perfomance from the Royal Northern College in music UK

    • Performance Diploma with Distinction from The Royal Welsh College of music and Drama UK

    • Theory LTCL

    • Ms. Tricia studied 6 years in the UK.

    • Her experience:-

    • Nanyang Academy of Fine ARTS - school of young talents 2001- 2008

    • 2009 till 2011- adjunct teacher at Fortemusicadamy

    • 2011 till present - private piano tutor from home

    • She is able to teach till all levels of diploma

    • She is a teacher who works with parents and prefer parents to sit in the lessons if possible. She gives very good basic training in technique right from the start so that the kids do not have issues bringing out their musical side when they perform their pieces.

    • Teaching at the school of young talents had given me the grounding to build up a solid technique for the kids training , preparing them for music festivals , competitions .

    • She is not so exam oriented preferring them to just sit for the essential grades only and working on more repertoire and giving them opportunities to take part in public events masterclasses.

    • So in all, she prefers students and parents who will take a more serious approach to learning the piano.

  • Tang An Shi

    Woodleigh/ Northeast/ East/ Central/ West/ North

    • Grade 8 in both theory and practical (piano)

    • Ms. Tang An Shi is a patient piano teacher and she loves children.

    • She has been teaching primary and kindergarten children in church for 3 years. 

  • Shireen Gao

    Kovan/ Northeast/ East

    • Grade 8 in Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • Ms. Shireen Gao has 15 years of teaching experience. 

    • The highest taught was grade 8

    • She has 50+ students taught over the years.

    • She is very flexible and adaptive towards each student as she believes every student has their own unique ability and learning capacity.

  • Adeline Yeo

    Ang Mo Kio/ North/ North East/ Central/Serangoon Garden/ Lorong Chuan/ Serangoon

    • Diploma in Piano Performance (Licentiate, London College of Music, U.K.)

    • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, Trinity, U.K.)

    • Guildhall School of Music & Drama in Pianoforte, Recital certificate, Merit. 

    • MOE certified, CCA

    • Professional Development Programme, 2002-2010

    • Ms. Adeline Yeo has 28 years teaching experience and approximately 60 students of her are from beginner to diploma level. 

    • She is patience, experienced, reliable, dedicated, good with young children. She teaches children and adults. Her student's age group are between 4-60s. Exams or for leisure. Follow up closely with parents. Besides, she teaches expatriates students and local students.

  • Regina Ang

    Serangoon North/ North East/ East

    • BA(Hons) MUSIC from Kingston University

    • Diploma in Music (LaSalle College of the Arts)

    • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

    • She has been teaching for the past 22 years with students ranging from as young as 5years to 20s. Highest level taught a diploma by London College of Music.

    • Her teaching approach is bringing out the musicality in each student whereby posture and technique are not compromised.

    • Teaching music of different genres be it for exams or leisure and ultimately to achieve effortless in music.

  • Yi Ying

    Hougang St 91/ Northeast

    • LRSM in Piano Performance (2nd diploma)

    • Grade 8 Piano & Theory

    • Grade 8 Violin

    • Took O levels MEP with A1 and Distinction in performance

    • Took H2 & H3 MEP during A levels

    • I was a MEP student during my O & A levels days. Was part of the string ensemble which clinched Gold at SYF. After A levels, I did a teaching stint at a MEP school for six months and taught general music to lower secondary school students. In university, I joined the NUS Piano Ensemble and became Vice-President in 2014. I have been teaching music (piano, violin and theory) to since 2013 and love to spread my love for music to children and adults alike.

    • I am a 25 year old female who loves classical music. As a MEP student during my secondary and JC days, I am able to guide students who need guidance and additional help in MEP as well.

  • Jocelyn Tan

    Hougang/ North East

    • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM. U.K.)

    • Ms. Jocelyn Tan has 1 year of teaching, and currently teaching 3 students.

    • Currently teaching beginners. 

    • She has wide performance experience: Performed a duet in Esplanade (2019), Performed in NUH (2018), Performed in Esplanade Library (2017), and Performed for Performer's festival (2014 and 2012)

    • When teaching children, she would try to make the lesson fun for them by creating games for them and making sure they will be able to learn.

    • For adults, she would teach them slowly and repeatedly remind them what is important.

    • She has learnt the piano since she was 6, and was fortunate as she had a teacher that was passionate and impart all the music knowledge that she currently have, and she would like to continue to spread my passion for Music and Piano.

    • Her strength in teaching is that she is patient and would not be angry easily, and she is also easily approachable so that if parents/student may have any queries, I would respond asap.

  • Ang Wan Yi

    Serangoon Central/ Central

    • DipABRSM in Instrumental Teaching

    • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM. U.K.)

    • Ms. Wan Yi taught part time for 3 years from 2012 to 2014 at 2 different music schools (Cristofori Music School and Pianoforte Music School)

    • Highest grade taught is grade 8.

    • Her teaching approach revolves around the interests of the students.  She will begin from engaging them and prefer to develop their passion for music. She is patient and possess all-rounded qualities for a music teacher.

  • Tamilyn Lim

    Ang Mo Kio/North/ Central

    • Grade 8 piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • Ms. Tamilyn has 2 years of experience, currently teaching 3 kids between 4 years old to 12 years old, from beginner to grade 3

    • As she has been teaching kids as young as 4 years old, She believes in using an engaging approach to capture their attention through use of kids friendly materials to nurture their love for music.

    • Being able to teach in a fun manner will help to capture the short attention span of kids. She has seen my students progress from beginners to taking the ABRSM exam and that makes her really proud.

  • Pip Tang

    Serangoon North/ North/ North east/ Central

    • Bachelor's Degree in Music (Piano Performance) from University of Texas at Austin, USA

    • Fellowship Licentiate Diplomas in Piano Performance, (FTCL, LTCL) Trinity College of Music, London, UK

    • Mr. Pip Tang has 15 years of teaching piano with some ex students who were MOE scholars teaching music in schools now. He teaches all levels and ages. 

    • He teaches piano performance and music theory.

    • He is a CCA instructor in various schools and thus can connect well with students. He believes it is important to get qualified teachers to teach proper piano technique from a young age because I have personally seen "advanced" students with wrong technique that is difficult to correct already because of habit.

  • Han Xiang

    Hougang/ Northeast/ East/ Central

    • Grade 8 piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • Mr. Han Xiang conduct one to one lesson with students and develop lesson plan tailored for students

    • Student of Music Appreciation course in Singapore Polytechnic 
      • Learnt about biographies of selected famous composers
      • Listened to pieces from Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern era
      • Attended Chopin piano concerto at Victoria Concert Hall

    • Develop lesson plan tailored for students
    • Encourage students in discussions on song selections
    • Provide reasonable workload for students as homework 
    • Motivate students with praises, encouragement and even rewards
    • Have patient towards student
    • Strive to stimulate and maintain student’s interest for music
    • Highly passionate in music
    • Started a Youtube Channel to share music and teach piano
    • Able to record piano songs in MIDI and export to Synthesia

  • Ann

    Serangoon Ave 3

    • Grade 8 Practical & Theory (Trinity College London & ABRSM)

    • ATCL (Principles in Instrumental Teaching, Trinity College  London)

    • DipABRSM in Instrumental Teaching

    • CT(ABRSM Certificate of Teaching)

    • 22 years experience

    • Teaching from her own studio 

    • Teach children & adults (leisure or exam)

    • Highest grade taught : diploma (ATCL)

    • She uses Alfred’s Basic Piano Library for the fundamentals of learning at the beginning. They have supplemental books that coordinate with the Lesson books, such as recital books, technique books, and notespellers.

    • These methods feature bright pictures which are great for kids. On the other hand, Alfred’s All in One Adult Piano Course is perfect for the older beginner, from teen to adult. This series features theory and technique built right into the piano method and there are optional CD’s to purchase. This method is great because it gets budding pianists playing songs quickly, many of which they may recognize and enjoy.

  • Hong Kai

    Hougang Street 91

    • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • Diploma in Violin LRSM, ABRSM

    • Mr Hong Kai has been teaching since 2016

    • He is patient, and teach students with knowledge he has gained over the years.

  • Cristopher Rong Kai

    Hougang/ North East

    • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM. U.K.)

    • Currently pursuing Diploma in Piano 

    • Mr Christopher has started learning piano since the age of 4 and has been serving in his church worship team for various instruments since the age of 10.

    • He enjoys doing improvisation, with the melody in my right hand, and the accompaniment in my left hand, playing the songs how he want it to be.

    • For leisure class, he try his best to teach songs that the student is interested in learning, this way he believe can help the student to learn faster and grasp the playing style easier.

    • Being good in improvisation means he is flexible with the music arrangement and he is open to the student for discussion regarding how the student wants to play the piece.

    • He personally composed songs for his church and if the student is interested in music composition, He will be more than willingly to share his inputs. All in all, his underline teaching style is to make sure the student enjoys what he or she is playing.

  • Shawn Ong

    Home Studio: Upper Serangoon Crescent and Travel to student's house

    • Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Music from Lasalle College of the Arts.

    • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • Mr Shawn Ong has over 6 years of teaching experiences, teaching kids as young as 4 years old and adults up to the 60s.

    • He has performance experiences at a wide variety of public venues such as Nanyang Polytechnic, Cristofori Music School, Bukit Timah Plaza and Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

    • He is a determined 25-year-old, who never gives up when faced with trials and obstacles. Being a perfectionist, he is confident in accomplishing tasks promptly whenever they are assigned to him.

    • Having majored in music under the tutelage of renowned Mr Benjamin Loh in Lasalle College of the Arts, he has equipped himself with various unique methods of practice and teaching, hence he is capable of maximising the potential talents of his students!

    • He is a very experienced and proven piano teacher, he currently possess a 100% passing record in ABRSM examinations for all of his students, some of them even achieving merits and distinctions! 

  • Claudia Lee

    Hougang/ Travel anywhere

    • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • Ms. Claudia Lee has 4 years teaching experience. She is a member of the NTU Piano Ensemble. She has performed duets at lunchtime concerts for students and staff of NTU to enjoy music during their breaks. Besides, she has also performed at the Nanyang Arts Festival. She enjoys piano and has been learning it since she was 3 years old. She hope she can inculcate this love for music in her students.

    • Lessons will be customised depending on learners' abilities, preferences and musical background.

    • Many new learners find reading musical scores tedious so she hopes she can teach them to play by ear and using some common chords to play a full piece on their own. Learning music is not only about the technical skills but also about the emotions behind the piece, so it is important to know when to use the pedal, and the emotions one would like to portray with the playing. Also, a good knowledge of the musical periods are important, and with my experience taking the ABRSM examinations. She is confident that she can imparts these relevant musical knowledge and technical skills to her students.

  • Ee Ling


    • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • Grade 7 Violin (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • Ms. Ee Ling has 8 years teaching experience 

    • In order to build a solid classical training, she will goes through technique books for example Hanon besides from playing exam pieces. 

    • She has experience sent many students for ABRSM piano/violin/theory exams before. To well prepare a student, she will accompany her students to exam venue for lessons prior to the actual exam. 

  • Shao Wei

    Kovan Road

    • Mmus (Performance) Royal College of Music

    • Bachelor Mus (Hons) Royal Northern College of Music

    • Diploma in Music (LASALLE College of the Arts)

    • LRSM (Piano Performance); Dip ABRSM (Piano Performance); Grade 8 (Merit) Violin and Piano

    • 4 years teaching experience

    • Shao Wei is a well classically-trained musician. He excels at helping students to progress to reading music easily, playing in an expressive way and focus on piano technique. 

  • Ed Koh

    Canberra and Punggol

    • LaSalle diploma, AmusTCL

    • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

    • 20plus years experience as a teacher and music arranger in pop music industry. Teach both pop and classical piano, advance level theory, composition, improvisation etc.

    • Lesson plan customised to each student's ability and what they want to learn. Best teaching theory 6-8, pop piano and composition.

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