Bukit Batok, Jurong East, Jurong West

Chong Shuting

  • Full time piano teacher

  • BA (HONS) in Music


  • More than 10 years of piano teaching experience preparing students for exams from Grades 1-8.

  • A patient teacher who is able to prepare students for graded exams as well as leisure playing.

Bukit Batok/ West

Tan Share Ler

  • Licentiate Trinity College of London LTCL Diploma

  • Associate Trinity College of London ATCL Diploma

  • ABRSM Grade 8

  • With 8 years of private teaching, I have taught a range from beginners to grade 8.

  • My teaching style focuses on technique and musicality. Technique involves training the foundations and structure of music playing, where musicality is developed through honing the student\'s sensitivity and understanding of the music.

Bukit Batok/ West/ Central

Low Pei Fen

  • Grade 8 piano practical and theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Teacher Pei Fen has 5 years of  teaching piano experiences and 7 years of teaching in a kindergarten.  The highest grade I have taught is grade 8. I usually help my husband  with his annual students concerts, sometimes playing duet with him.

Home Studio: Lakeside and travel to West


  • Full-time piano teacher


  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano, currently pursuing DipABRSM


  • I have been teaching for close to 4 years (since Jan 2017), and of now I have about 24 students.
    I have taught at two schools when I started out teaching, so as to learn how to go about teaching students of different learning abilities. I have taught up to Grade 6 so far, and am proud that all has passed on the first attempt. For my students, I intend to hold concerts in the future, for them to gain some exposure.

Overview about teacher Germaine:

  • I have taught kids as young as 3 years old up to adults. I teach from music appreciation level till graded examination level, and for those who are looking for leisure lessons as well. For my graded students, am content that they have passed on the first attempt. My teaching methodology is different from the traditional way, which has ensured a sped up progress in sight reading, and learning of songs. In addition to playing songs, I would cater time during lesson to work on techniques like stamina via finger exercises, as well as rhythmic exercises.

Home Studio: Hillview Avenue, travel to West and Central

Winnie Tia


  • ABRSM grade 8 practical


  • 1 year experience

  • Patient teacher, will teach students classical songs to take exams and pop songs as leisure.

Home Studio: Hillview Avenue, travel to West

Joanne Kum

  • Full-time piano teacher


  • 1) Diploma in Piano Performance (Trinity College of Music, London)
    2) Diploma in Music Pedagogy (SIngapore)
    3) ABRSM Grade 8 Piano & Theory
    4) Qualified Teacher for 'Music for Young Children' (Canada)


  • 1) More than 10 years of teaching experience.
    2) Currently teaching more than 20 students.
    3) Teaching privately at my home studio.
    4) Conduct lessons from beginners to Grade 8.

Overview about teacher Joanne: 

  • I'm a dedicated full-time piano teacher who has more than 10 years of teaching experience. I conduct piano and theory lessons at my home studio located in Jurong West.

    I was a former student of Miss Lim Tshui Fang, an eminent pianist and teacher in Singapore. Under her tutelage, I obtained my Diploma in Piano Performance from the Trinity College of Music, London. I was also selected to play in the Piano Masterclass conducted by Ms Patsy Toh, a professor from the Royal Academy of Music, London.

    My lessons focus on refining piano technique and cultivating musical expressions. My teaching approach strives to bring out the best potential in musicality and technique for each student.

    As a piano teacher, one significant goal is to help the student find the joy of expression in playing the piano. Students will also be exposed to other important elements such as participating in duet and ensemble playing, so as to help create a solid, educated and well-balanced musician.

  • Mission & Goals:
    - To ensure all students learn to love music and the piano.
    - To create a sense of enjoyment and purpose.
    - To help each student fulfill their musical potential.

  • Achievements:
    - Selected by Ms Lim Tshui Fang to play in the Piano Masterclass conducted by Professor Patsy Toh from the Royal Academy of Music, London.
    -Performed for SIMTech's Membership Night @ York Hotel & Raffles Town Club.
    - Performed for A*STAR Open House Science Jubilee @ one-north.

Home Studio: Jurong West Street 65 & travel to West

Jun Jie

  • Full-time piano teacher


  • Piano Abrsm Grade 8 (Distinction)
    RCM BMus


  • 8 years teaching experience

Overview about teacher Jun Jie

  • Piano lessons will never feel like a chore ever again! You will be seeing steady progress and playing your favourite tunes in no time!

    I believe in always learning the fun way. Striving to tailor make every lesson towards my student\'s needs, while making lessons as interactive and engaging as possible. I am fully committed in guiding you towards every milestone and will be with you every step of the way.

    Who are these lessons for?

    If you are an aspiring artist, or even picking up the piano as a hobby. This is for you!

    If you are a parent, looking for a piano course to send their child, even better. This is the perfect course to kick start your child\'s musical journey!

    I have students from 2 years old all the way to adults in their late 40s. It is never too early or late to pick up music. It is truly a beautiful thing that learning the piano is all inclusive as long as you have a positive learning mindset!

Home Studio: JurongEast Street 31 & travel to West and Central


  • Full-time piano teacher


  • Grade 8 practical, currently pursuing ATCL to take in 2021


I've started teaching piano in a local music school in 2016 and from 2018 to present I've been focusing on teaching only private students. I'm a full time piano teacher with 30 students. My students are as young as 3.5 year olds to retirees. The highest grade I've taught is currently grade 6.


Learning piano should be enjoyable and fun! As long as a student enjoys what he or she is learning, they would then be able to maximise to their fullest potential! There is not one fixed teaching method that I apply to all my students as I believe every student is different, I would always tweak my methods such that it could be adapted better by the student.

Most of my students would find that I'm approachable and amiable as I do not believe in scolding or being extremely firm with students and this might lose trust between the student and I. I believe that students and teacher should work together as a team so that we can successfully attain our short and long term goals set in our piano journey!

I've been playing the piano since I'm 6 and have not stopped since, I've not stopped learning the piano and am still embarking on more qualifications.

Home Studio: Bukit Batok Central & travel to west and Central

Cara Lin

  • ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance (Trinity, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano practical and Grade 8 Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Cara has been teaching piano since 2011.

  • She is one of the Yamaha Piano Teacher Circles’s members.

  • She started playing piano when she was 7 years old. She taught in both individual and group lessons (practical and theory) from the age of 3.5 to 60+ years old and prepared them for the ABRSM practical and theory examinations yearly.All the students were achieving 100% passing rate.

  • There were other instrumentalists (eg: flutist, cellist, violinist) who studied music theory and aural with her and obtained good results too.

  • Currently she is teaching in music school, in her home base studio and student’s house with more than 100 students over the years.

  • She has years of experience as piano accompaniment for the violin, flute and cello. Previously She was a cellist and double bassist in the school Chinese Orchestra for 6 years.

  • She was a patient teacher, she loved to share her music knowledge and life experience with her students. She wants her students to enjoy every lesson with her and bring away knowledge from her after every single session of the class. She will explore the best way which is suitable for each student and work closely with parents to keep the students on the right track. She encourages her students to learn from their mistakes with her favourite tagline ”failure is always the mother of success “.

Home Studio: Jurong Yung Ho Road & travel to West

Elise Khor Xin Yi


  • ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance

  • Grade 5 Theory

  • Gold Award at the Singapore Performers' Festival Piano Performance

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Higher Level Music

  • GCE O Levels Higher Music

  • Music Elective Programme Pre-Tertiary Scholar (Awarded by MOE)


  • Gold Award at the Singapore Performers' Festival Piano Performance

  • Taught General Music at Dunearn Secondary School in 2020 as an MOE Intern

Overview about her:

  • I believe in a hands-on approach to teaching where technique is of utmost importance, particularly when taking on a beginner student. I believe in establishing a firm foundation in the proper piano technique through exercises while at the same time introducing pieces that will interest them so the student will understand the purpose behind laying the foundation for these techniques.

Home Studio: Bukit batok & travel to West

Lee Miao Jun

  • DipLCM in Teaching Piano

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 6 years in a music school
    Highest grade taught: G8
    Have taught children from 5 years old to adults

  • I aim for students to understand the foundation and be able to read and play music independently. I'm very patient and willing to guide students at an appropriate pace.

Teban Garden /West

Ivan Lee

  • Grade 8, Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Currently pursuing Trinity ATCL Diploma

  • 3 years; taught several beginner students and some in improvisation/christian style of piano. Can incorporate jazz, pop, and classical elements into teaching.

  • I spend time building up my students’ foundations whilst ensuring that they develop an interest for the instrument (for beginners)
    For intermediate players looking to further hone their craft, I will try and incorporate their strong points into songs that they want to learn (arranged by me) or will use their favourite songs in a similar fashion to train their weak points

Bukit Timah/ West/ Central/ North

Caryln Ong

  • Pursuing Diploma 

  • ABRSM Practical Grade 8; Theory Grade 8

  • 3 years teaching experience

  • Ms Caryln is a passionate teacher that she likes to praise students whenever possible to motivate them. She enjoy teaching beginner to advanced students. She specialize in beginning learners and believe that the initial path of studying should be reinforced with a positive teaching style and the right technique for that individual student.

  • As a teacher she learn the style of each individual that best fits their goals and capabilities. In her lessons, she will cover basic technique, scales, and repertoire. Besides working on playing technique, she is trying to make lessons interesting and engaging so that the student has depth understanding about music. 

  • Besides, she is a MOE certified instructor. 

Hillview/ Bukit Batok/ Bukit Timah/ Clementi

Ban Li

  • Grade 8 Piano and theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Ban Li has 25 years teaching experience.

  • Currently teaching at Lowrey Music school on weekend. She is teaching from beginner to grade 8.

  • Her students ranging from age 4 to adult. 

  • Private students from International and local. 

  • She prepare students for recital every end of year at Music school

Bukit Batok/ West

Mavis Lim

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Mavis Lim would hope to tailor the speed of learning and approach to each of the individual student, helping them learn to the best of their capabilities.

  • She has started her pursuit in piano 10 years ago, when she was in kindergarten, throughout primary school she continued learning piano and when she was in secondary school she joined the symphonic band and played the clarinet too.

  • Being someone with some musical knowledge she guided and helped her band mates most of the time which gave her opportunity to gain some teaching experience and share the joy of making music.

Jurong West/ West

Jamie Loo

  • ATCL Diploma in Music Performance (Trinity College London)

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Peer Coach in NTU Piano Ensemble and performed for several events and concerts held at Esplanade

  • I am a positive individual who is passionate about music, having played the piano since the age of four. I can play by ear, transcribing complicated pieces by artists like The Piano Guys and served as a pianist in church.

  • I can make lessons interesting by teaching students to play arrangements of pop songs or requested songs, if they wish to learn beyond the syllabus.

  • I also have experience with the harp and guitar so the extent of my musical knowledge is beyond the norm.

West Coast

Tan Yan Tong

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Previously instructor in a piano CCA for a few months.
    Previously taught 3 students of age 6,7, and 9 in a International School for a month.
    Currently teaching 1 adult grade 1 practical and theory.

  • Teaching approach may differ for different age groups, and also based on the student's interest.

  • I have been learning the piano since 7 years old and now currently learning grade 8 theory.

  • I think I am very patient and encouraging, hoping to bring the best to my students.

West Coast/ West

Stefan Popov

  • Master degree in Piano Performance and Bachelor of Sound Engineering from “Pancho Vladigerov Academy of Music” Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Teaching and performing for more than 15 years locally and abroad.

  • He is based in Singapore since 2003, Stefan currently is a piano faculty senior teacher.
    Piano (Beginner to Diploma level, leasure), theory (grade 1-5), aural and piano
    accompanying. Individual and group classes.

  • His professional experience includes collaboration with various solo instrumentalists,
    singers and chamber groups and piano accompanying for students exams, recitals,
    competitions and stage performances.

  • Individual approach according to the student`s personality, goals, motivation and
    progress pace. Patient and friendly attitude towards students and parents.

Bukit Timah/ West

Mandy Kong

  • Grade 8 Piano (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music - ABRSM)

  • Pursuing Diploma in Piano ARSM

  • Ms. Mandy Kong is a loving and patient teacher. She plans her lesson according to student's progress.

Jurong East / West


Full time piano teacher

  • BA (HONS) in Music


  • More than 10 years of piano teaching experience preparing students for exams from Grades 1-8.

  • A patient teacher who is able to prepare students for graded exams as well as leisure playing.

Home Studio: Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 & travel to West

Jie Rong

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • LASALLE College of the Arts Diploma in Music Performance (Composition)

  • Mr Jie Rong has

  • - 8 years of teaching
    - Current number of students is 25
    - Highest Grade taught: 8
    - Taught in Music Schools such as Cristofori Music School
    - Taught in Changi Prison under DOXA Music

  • He can teach from beginner to Diploma level. He has performed in various concerts with other teachers, and also held recitals (students and solo concerts). He plays the piano in his church for the praise and worship ministry and the choir.

Boon Lay/ West

Hu Yiting

  • Master of Music, Piano Performance, Arizona State University, USA.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Piano Performance, TungHai University, Taiwan.

  • Have taught private piano lessons for children and adults since 2006. Prepared students for Yamaha and ABRSM exams. (from beginner to Grade 8)

  • Holding teacher education certificate in Taiwan. Organised music class curricula and assisted in teaching for both secondary and high school's music class.

  • Have done more than eight full solo piano recitals during pursuing bachelor and master degree.

  • Focusing on the studies and workshops regarding piano teaching- attended Tunghai University International Piano Conferences from 2003-2008; and World Piano Pedagogy Conference in Phoenix, USA in 2009.

  • She has followed quite many professors worldwide during her learning journey. So she is very familiar with different teaching methods and styles.

Bukit Batok/ West/ Central

Fiona Teo

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • B.A. (Hons.) Performing Art in Music

  • Singapore Talent.E. Association member 

  • Qualified Suzuki teacher in Piano

  • After obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts (Music) in year 2009 from the University of Malaya, she has came to Singapore and continued to teach at several music school including Cristofori Music School, STACCATO! music school and some government primary schools for music programme. Her affiliation includes Singapore Music Teacher Association and International Suzuki Association.

  • Ms. Fiona Teo currently running home studio in Bukit Batok, West Singapore. She has been coaching students to excel from music beginner to Grade 8 in ABRSM piano practical, music theory, aural and musicianship. In fact, one of her signature course is coaching students to get distinction in Grade 5 theory examination within a year's frame, and her teaching method has been proven with solid results.

  • Her students ranging from age of 3 years old to 65, including those studied young beginner group keyboard class, music appreciation lesson, music for graded exam, piano for leisure, piano for marriage proposal which will involve customisation of the piece. There were other instrumentalists (eg: guitarist, flutist, violinist) who study music theory, aural and musicianship with her and obtain good result too.

  • For those who need to have Grade 5 theory certificate within a year, she offers Intensive piano theory course for all the instrumentalists. Intensive Aural and musicianship course (2 months) also offer for all the instrumentalist too.

  • Fiona Teo's music education and teaching experiences has led her to develop a highly unique approach for music learning where classical music is used in conjunction with the music education philosophies of renowned music educators such as Suzuki, Orff, Dalcroze and Kodály. Through innovative lessons which include singing and playing with accompaniment, children develop musical ear and understand piano techniques and musical concepts that will serve as a valuable foundation for more advanced musical development.

  • Her principal mentors including Dr Lee Pei-Ming, Assistant Professor at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music , National University of Singapore. Sin Yee is also an ex-member of the international award-winning Vocal Consort choir, under the direction of accomplished local conductor, Nelson Kwei. She received her professional development course under Ms Josephine Koh, the Singapore first and only Boserndorfer piano artist too.

Bukit Batok Street 11

Aileen Wong

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) Distinction

  • Ms. Aileen Wong has 10 years of teaching experience. 
    Highest grade taught: G6
    Teaching part-time in Intune Music School
    Public performance experience during junior college days

  • She believes in a mixture of stern discipline, as well as soft approach, depending on student's character and parent's expectations. 

  • With over 10 years of teaching experience, she is able to identify her students' strengths and nurture those strengths to bring them to greater heights. On the other hand, identifying weaknesses and strengthening them is also one of ner main aims when she teach. 90% of my students achieve a merit and above for both piano and theory. 

  • She myself, am a sight reader. Hence, besides coaching them in piano playing techniques, She also ensure that her students are well-versed in reading any music by sight.

Jurong West/ West/ North east/ Central

Yvonne Yeap

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Ms Yvonne Yap taught beginners for at least 6 years. 

  • She has patience in teaching kids (with different characters).

  • She is happy to travel to your place to teach piano if you are staying around Bukit Batok/ Bukit Gombak area or west side (near MRT station) after 730pm weekdays, or saturday mornings.

Bukit Batok Street 34/ West


  • Diploma in Music Performance, LTCL Recital (Trinity, U.K.))

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Ms Cathy has more than 20 years teaching experience and as piano accompanist for voice, choir and solo instruments (including exams)

  • The highest grade taught is Grade 8. 

  • She is able to provide customized teaching to cater for different learning aptitudes and interests in music, at the student's home. She is also flexible with lesson times during weekdays.

Bukit Batok Street 11

Alicia Ng

  • Travel to West, North and Central

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Ms Alicia Ng is a patient and nurturing teacher who believes each student will be able to excel with hard work and passion.

  • With over 5 years of teaching experience, she is able to bring out the student's fullest potential and engage the student actively in class.

  • She gives prompt feedback to parents while constantly motivate her students to strive better and overcome their limits.

Jurong West Street 64

Xin Nee

  • Grade 8, Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Xin Nee has been playing piano for more than 10 years. She has extensive experience in working with children. She is currently teaching part time in a music school. For beginner learner, she will cover the basics such as notes reading before teaching them how to play songs. 

  • She hopes to encourage her students to be passionate about music and be able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of it. 

Jurong/ East/ West

Vincent Quek

  • Grade 8, Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Mr Vincent Quek has been teaching since 17 years old, 11 years teaching experience. Taught as a freelance and in private music schools. Highest grade he has taught were grade 8 students.

  • He has two approach, the exam approach and the casual approach. Exam approach meaning that he will be more focused in getting the techniques and the songs right for the students. He had send a lot of students for exam for the past 10 years and had only one student failed his exam due to him not practicing at all.

  • Casual approach will means students get to choose the songs that they want to learn and will learn at their own pace.

Bukit Batok/ West/ North/ Central

Pearl Chan

  • LTCL & ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance (Trinity, U.K.)

  • Grade 8, Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)


  • Ms. Pearl is a passionate, patient and easy going with teaching experience of 5 years. The highest grade she has taught is Grade 8. Currently, she is pursuing higher level of Diploma FTCL. 

  • She has taught in local primary and International schools. She teaches students of all ages from Grade 1- 8. Proven track record of students who sat for the ABRSM examination. She inspires to impart her skill with great passion through teaching and nurturing, allowing students to discover their potential.

Jurong West/ West/ North/ East/ Central

Eunice Ong

  • ABRSM Practical Grade 8

  • 3 years teaching experience

  • Ms Eunice believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to take up piano lessons. A qualified and dedicated teacher,  she thrives in customizing lesson plans to fit various learning styles of students as every individual is uniquely different. By imparting proper fundamentals and techniques, her ultimate goal is to instill in her students the love for music that will see them excel whichever paths they do embark on in music.

  • With the firm mindset that passion drives discipline, she wishes to explore the beautiful world of music with her students.

Bukit Batok

Vanessa Woon

  • BA (Hons) 2nd class upper in Popular Music Performance 

  • 5 years teaching experience

  • Ms. Vanessa is experienced in both classical and pop background. Teaches leisure and grade exams. 

  • She previously taught for 3 years in Pei Tong Primary Sch as a keyboard teacher and has been teaching privately for 4 years. Her students range from age 4-20. 

Bukit Batok/ Upper Bukit Timah

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