Sembawang; Woodlands; Marsiling; Admiralty; Yishun; Khatib 

Piano Studio: Admiralty

Julia Soh

NAFA-RCM, BMus (Hons) 10 year experience

teaching music in MOE secondary school, have MEP knowledge

I believe in a holistic approach to music teaching; Listening, Performing and Creating. I like to use different pedagogical approaches i.e. music & movement to teach musical concepts. To appreciate music especially to broaden a ear for a variety of music, and for difficult pieces, we will listen to recordings and analyse pieces.

Travel to student's house (north)

Valerie Gay


Trinity ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance
ABRSM Grade 8 Piano
ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory
Yamaha Senior Piano Course Graduate
Nanyang Girls\' High School Higher Music Programme
GCE A level H2 Music

I have been learning the piano since the age of 4 from Yamaha Music School and I have loved music ever since. Joined the Higher Music Programme in Nanyang Girls\' High when I was in secondary school, and continued my music journey with Music being one of my main H2 graded subjects for my A levels in Hwa Chong JC as a performance major with 2 instruments, the piano and trombone.

Teaching Experience:
Taught piano & music theory part time from 2014-2017, students range from grades 1-6.
Stopped teaching from 2018-2020 because I started my own business, but because of covid-19 we didn\'t do too well, and I am moving back to teaching piano and inspiring more youth to love music. Hoping to get students as soon as possible!:)

Performing Experience:
I play the trombone since 2005 till date. And I have been involved in many bands and orchestras performing regularly. The list includes Singapore Wind Symphony Youth Winds, Philharmonic Youth Winds, Singapore National Youth Orchestra, National Youth Winds, Macpherson Philharmonic Orchestra.


I believe in enjoying the learning process in music and having strong fundamentals in music theory before starting to learn difficult repertoires. I also love to have my students treat me as more of a friend and mentor than just a teacher, and I am very friendly and approachable!:)

Home Studio: Canberra Drive Travel to north and central

Wynn Tan

- ABRSM Grade 8 Classical. I am currently studying in Lasalle as a Year 2 student, Contemporary Music. My Major is Pop Piano.

- I have been playing piano since 7years old, This is my 11th year practising and playing piano. I had done a gigue with a vocalist, did recital in Lasalle in Year 1, currently have no students yet but taught my classmates pop songs for free.

- I am patient with kids and would like to have more experience with teaching music to children. Would like to spend my free time gaining more experience on what i am keen in on weekends to teach kids music, with the talents and what I am passionate at!

Home Studio: Canberra Drive and travel toNorth and Central

Hui Jie

ABRSM Grade 8 Classical. I am currently studying in Lasalle as a Year 2 student, Contemporary Music. My Major is Pop Piano.

I have been playing piano since 7years old, This is my 11th year practising and playing piano. I had done a gigue with a vocalist, did recital in Lasalle in Year 1, currently have no students yet but taught my classmates pop songs for free.

Piano Studio: Admiralty

Jie Ying

  • Full time piano teacher

  • Master of Music with Distinction from University of Otago

  • Full-time piano teacher

  • Can teach ALL levels including MEP, O level Music, ABRSM Syllabus, Diploma, leisure  etc

  • Accompaniment for all instruments and grades

  • Studio in Admiralty

  • Qualification

  • Master of Music with Distinction 

  • Bachelor of Music (Hons) First class

  • Diploma in Music Performance NAFA Distinction

  • ATCL, LTCL Trinity College London Distinction

  • Won piano competitions 

  • Teaching Experience

  • Collaborated with internationally acclaimed instrumental soloists

  • Certified MOE AMIS instructor

  • Recipient of Ngee Ann Kongsi Merit Award, Yamaha Scholarship and Ida G White Memorial Prize in Music

  • Students 100% passing rate.. Mostly at least a Merit to Distinction

  • Taught in music schools such as Methodist School of Music, Able Piano Studio, one of the biggest in Auckland and The Music Suite 

  • Teaching since 2008 : 12 years experience 

  • Played for church choir and worship

  • Accompanied primary/secondary school choirs for SYF

  • Also has experience in conducting keyboard and ukulele enrichment programmes in primary schools 

  • Teaching Philosophy:

  • -To motivate students to achieve their goals in a more fun and rewarding way (young kids)

  • -I’m patient and dedicated, I believe in nurturing the potential of each student. 

  • -To teach good practice methods to progress fast, knowing how to practise, rather than just correcting the student. I teach them how to practise efficiently. 

  • -Long term I believe in building a good foundation and technique, and an extensive repertoire 

  • -To providing a chance for students to have interaction with other music mates. Together is always better than one

  • Overview about Teacher Jie Ying

  • Hi, I’m Ms Jie Ying. I have been teaching the piano since 2008. Besides teaching, I do piano accompaniments regularly as well, having experiences with a wide range of instruments in concerts, exams and competitions.

  • During my journey in teaching, I have met many students, ranging from 3 years to even up to 70 years old.

  • The joy of seeing them eagerly wanting to show you what they have practised, being able to play a song from nothing, and simply just seeing improve makes me contented and motivated as a music teacher.

  • Every year, I try my best to organise performance classes, concerts or recital for my students, kids and adults to perform. I believe it is important for students to have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers to build up their confidence, and most importantly share the joy of music with others.

  • Throughout my years in learning piano, even to tertiary levels,  was given many opportunities to perform, not only that, a chance to be involved with fun educational music group activities, so that we can also have fun with our fellow peers besides attending the usual 1 to 1 serious piano class. All these pieced up together, helped me to mature and grow as a well rounded musician. This is what I’d like to try my best to provide for my own students too. I believe that by having a more holistic approach, students can then really understand what is music all about, and that music is not just about hitting the right notes and producing a sound.


Home Studio: Yishun Ave 4 & travel to North

Hui Yan

  • Full time piano teacher

  • Qualifications:

  • LTCL in Piano Performance (Distinction)

  • Grade 8 Music Theory

  • Experience:

  • Teacher Huiyan started teaching private piano since 2013, and has since helped several students build up their interest in piano, improved their techniques and musicality in piano playing.

  • Huiyan also prepares students for various public performances and competitions (Both locally and internationally).

  • The students she taught ranged from beginners to Diploma students. She currently has around 30 students.

  • Overview:

  • Teacher Huiyan aims to create a comfortable and enjoyable learning space for students of all ages (4 and above). Her lesson plans are suitable for all students regardless of whether they are planning to go for exams, or just playing for leisure.

  • Her objective is to make sure students stay interested and enjoy the process of learning piano, without neglecting the basic aspects.

Woodlands, Travel to North and Northeast

Sheryl Loh

  • ARSM Piano Distinction
    ABRSM Theory Grade 8 Distinction

  • Teacher Sheryl Loh have been teaching for a year now, and discovered a passion teaching children in both theory and performance. I believe in a holistic education in music and encourage my students to approach pieces from a theoretical, historical and musical standpoint.

Yishun, travel to North, Northeast and East

Lee Shy Min

Full time piano teacher


Diploma in Music, SBRSM Gr.8 piano and theory


Start to teach from year 2003, private piano teacher and total have 31 students currently. Worked as full time piano teacher from year 2003-2010. Teach from young age to adult. Highest grade taught both piano and theory grade 8. Yearly students' concert.

Overview about yourself:

I enjoy my career and teaching piano.

Canberra, Travel to north and northeast.

Yang Zhi Lim

Full-time piano teacher


  • DipABRSM (Performance) Piano, Distinction

  • Grade 6 Theory, Distinction

  • Currently pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Music Education at SUSS


  • 3 years of teaching piano full-time, with a strong base of beginners and intermediate-level students (Highest level taught is Grade 8)

  • 2010, 2012, 2014: 3rd, 4th, 5th Singapore Performers’ Festival (Piano): Silver, Gold, Silver

  • Accompaniment for flute (2013, 4th Flute Festival Singapore) and violin (2012, O’ Level; Examinations; 2015, ABRSM examinations)

  • Sung alto/tenor/bass in church choir for various events (weddings, celebrations)

  • Plays the piano for worship services every month for six years

  • Piano lessons under Yip Sook Cheng for nine years, learning the Russian approach for technique and expression.

  • Arranges chamber and piano music for wedding ceremonies for three years

Teaching Principles:
1. Appreciating and understanding music aurally before learning notation.
2. Nurturing discipline in building a healthy technique based on the Russian school of Music.
3. Experiencing music in a variety of ways: Performing, Composing, and Improvising

Home Studio: Lentor and travel to student's house (North, Northeast, Central)

Wei Tian Tan


  • University of Nottingham – BA Honours in Music (U.K) (2016)

  • Trinity College Diploma in Piano Performance (2009)

  • ABRSM Piano Grade 8 Distinction (2008)

  • ABRSM Theory Grade 8 Merit (2008)

  • Obtained distinction in all previous ABRSM piano exams

  • ABRSM Cello Grade 8 Distinction (2011)


  • I first began teaching piano in 2015, my 2nd year in University.
    Since then, I have been doing piano and cello accompaniment for students sitting for exams especially Music Elective Programme (MEP) 'O' Level practical exams. I have also given private theory to complete beginners and taught General Music and MEP in CHIJ St Nicholas Secondary School.

  • Private Piano & Theory Teacher (2015- present)

  • Admin Executive and Substitute theory and aural teacher at Forte Musicademy, Singapore (2016)

  • Music Teaching Assistant at Southwolds Academy & Sixth Form (U.K) (2015)

  • MOE Teaching intern at CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School ; taught General Music and MEP to Sec 1- 4 students (2013)


My goal as a music teacher is to inspire my students to better themselves at their instrumental craft at whichever stage they are, and at the same time impart my knowledge of Classical music history to them.


For beginners interested to learn the piano or cello, I welcome students who want to prepare for exams or even to just learn a new skill for leisure. I strongly encourage beginners to be exposed to Classical music from a young age and it is my passion to draw them into the world of music appreciation.

I have sat through the Music Elective Programme for GCE 'O' and 'A' Levels and have also obtained a Distinction in H3 Music (Research Paper). Therefore, I understand the syllabus and structure of school exams and ABRSM exams very well.

Having graduated and taught in a school in the United Kingdom has also given me insight and fresh ideas to how music is taught in a less competitive context and rather for a student's growth, both emotionally and mentally.

I hope to make my student's musical journey a fun yet productive one!

Home Studio: Woodlands Drive 16 and travel to student's house (North)



  • Diploma in Piano Performance (ABRSM)

  • Diploma in Piano Performance with distinction (Trinity College London)

  • Grade 8 Theory, distinction (ABRSM)


  • Teaching since 2015

  • Teaching at my home studio in Woodlands currently


I'm a private piano teacher offering piano and theory lessons in Singapore. I've started learning music since age of 5, and has since explored other musical instruments such as guzheng and ukulele in my schooling days. I believe in continual learning and upgrading of myself for the benefit of my students, and am currently preparing for my degree in music, LTCL/LRSM (Licentiate in Piano Performance).

I have acquired working experience with children and therefore have the ability to interact well with young students. I believe in building a sturdy foundation and practice habit so that students can progress steadily in their learning. As each student is unique, I try to plan my lessons tailored to the learning needs and style of each individual.

Sembawang/ Bishan/ Hougang/ Queenstown

Shimin Oh

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Ms Shimin is a Chinese female and have taught over 40 one to one students during 6 years of teaching, mostly exam based (ABRSM) and all pass and some even with distinction or full marks. 

  • She also freelance in a few preschools to conduct piano group class for preschoolers (3-15 students, age 4-6). Taught in: Barker road kindergarten (Current), Bethesda AMK (Current), Etonhouse Mountbatten 223, Greentree Montessori and Citikids Academy.

  •  Provide:

  • - ABRSM Graded exam Practical or Theory lesson

  • - Young children music appreciation course for pre-schoolers (4-6 years old)

  • - Theory drills (individual or group setting max 4 pax)

  • - Adults Leisure lesson. Pop or Classical. Master a song crash course 

  • Teaching method: Understanding of the keyboard and harmony and is important. A few methods to let them understand it, by memorizing, by visualizing and singing. I also emphasize student to use the metronome too, constant tempo is a must! Will constantly teach fun songs/ songs they wish to learn even when they are preparing for exam as it is part of sight reading. Will try not to make my lesson dry and repetitive.

  • Achievements:

  • - Student attained Full marks for grade 1 theory exam in Apr 2019 

  • - All her students passed their examinations.

  • - Student joined Taiwan solo piano competition (7-12 years old category) 3rd place playing in rank and file.

  • - Student achieved Merit for grade 5 ABRSM practical exam 2016.

  • 6 out of 7 students achieved distinction for music theory exam (grade 1-4) 2016.

  • - Student achieved distinction for grade 4 ABRSM practical exam 2013.

Home Studio: Canberra Drive & travel at North


  • ​Trinity College London Grade 8 Piano with Merit

  • Experience: Performed at local recitals

  • Overview about yourself:
    • Mentored students from St.Andrews Junior School for 2 years in 2015-2016
    • Serving in Church Kids Ministry
    • Grounded by students’ developing a keen interest in piano by making lessons fun for them

Woodlands/ North

Rachael Lim

  • ATCL Associate Diploma of the London College of Music (LCM, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Ms. Rachael Lim has 6 years teaching experience. 

  • My name is Rachael Lim and I am a fresh graduate from the National University of Singapore. After being a part-time Piano Teacher for 6 years, I decided to pursue my passion in Music Education Full Time. 

    Having been through various music teachers since the age of 4, I knew I wanted to become the teacher who leads by example and let go once the student has grasp of the idea. You can say my teaching approach is like that of learning how to ride a bike. You guide and let go when the time is right. Through this way, I believe students can learn from me and themselves.

  • Performance Experience: Duet performance at the Tri-Poly Concert organised by the Singapore Polytechnic Piano Ensemble, Nanyang Polytechnic Piano Ensemble and Ngee Ann Polytechnic Piano Ensemble.

Woodlands/ Travel ALL areas

Nicole Lim Xuan Ying

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • I have been teaching piano for 3 years and have numerous experience teaching children as young as 2 years old. I prepare my own materials to allow my students to understand piano better. For exams, I have achieved 100% passing rate. For leisure, i teach songs that they are interested in.

  • I once taught at a private preschool for 6 months where i was able to broaden my horizons by giving music lessons to children as young as 18 months.

  • At the preschool, i taught singing, simple beats & rhythm. 

Home Studio: Canberra Road and travel to student's house (North)

Wynn Zhong


  • ​Diploma in Piano Performance (ATCL, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)


  • 2004 - 2008: Part-time piano teacher with Cristofori music school
    2004 - present: Private piano teaching


Believe in grounding the right techniques since the very beginning. Every lessons will consist of technique lessons (Cznery, Hanon, Dozen a day) prior to moving to pieces.

Believe in playing with understanding, will be explaining to students on background/ history of music (i.e. period and composer) to better help them re-iterate the piece.

Upper Thomson/ North/ Northeast

LJ Chen

  • Diploma in Piano Performance ATCL (Trinity, U.K.)

  • DipABRSM Teaching

  • Performer's Certificate - Trinity

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Trained in Suzuki Piano , Music for Little Mozart

  • MA AppliedLinguistics- NTU

  • Adv Dip in TESOL- Distinction

  • Taught GEP students and students with dyslexia

  • Member of NILD USA and Mensa Institute for High Achievers

  • >20 years experience

  • Students attained good results at graded exams- Dist and Merits

  • Gold and silver awards at Singapore Performing Arts Festival- 2016 to 2018

  • Some students entered MEP programme in SG schools

  • Bubbly, postive and caring teacher

  • Effective and goal driven

Home Studio: Yishun Central

Catherine Ng

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • 8 years with Kawai Music School and 5 years with Ossia Music School.

  • Additionally on-going teaching students at my home studio for more 10 years.

  • I work well with children below the age of 12 with the passion to instill curiosity and interest so as to motivate them to learn piano. Bringing them outside of the studio to concerts is one activity I believe in for the children to explore and widen their knowledge to music not restricting it just to one instrument ie piano.

Home Studio: Canberra Street

Chong Wei Wei Cindy

  • Bachelor of Human Resource,

  • DipABRSM Instrumental Teaching,

  • Grade 8 Piano & Theory Certificates.

  • 10 years teaching experience, 20 students, part time teaching in Aureus & Cristofori Music School, Teacher & Student Concerts, Top Student Recognition Awards, Little Pianist & Mozart Group Teaching & MOE Certified AMIS.

  • Overview about Ms. Cindy:-

  • Connect with students. ...
    Don't be afraid to be challenging. ...
    Be an excellent communicator. ...
    Love all music. ...
    Have a strong commitment to fundamentals. ...
    Identify problems quickly. ...
    Believe that everyone can reach their full potential.

Yishun Ring Road, Travel to student's house

Cai Zhaoxin Elsie

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM; U.K.)

  • Ms Elsie has more than one (1) decade of part time piano teaching since young.  She started off to teach piano as young as 18 years old on a part time basis during her schooling days.  She had taught in Kels Music School, Sinfonia Music Studio, Clesopassion Music School before and is currently teaching in a music school now.

  • Elsie served as a keyboardist and pianist in the church Chinese and Children Worship Ministry for more than a decade when she was a teenager and before she gives birth to her second child.  She is a mother of two and is currently teaching and focusing on piano teaching.  She believes befriending each student on a friend to friend basis, getting along with them and then embarking musical knowledge and skills.  

  • Elsie is abreast of ABRSM requirements and is able to teach and prepare students to take exams or for leisure playing.  If you wish your child to sit for exam based playing, Elsie is for it or if you wish your child to focus more on leisure playing, she is also for it.  Lastly, Elsie had taught and is able to teach adult playing too.

Home Studio: Yishun Ave 9 and travel to North/ East/ Northeast and Central

Ms Yvonne Lee

  • Diploma in Pianoforte (London College Music)

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • Ms Lee has been teaching more than 20 years. She taught in kawai music school,sonare music sch,symphony music sch,Overseas family school. 

  • Teach beginner to Grade 8 level.

  • She is patient and child friendly. She deals in each individual needs.

Home Studio: Marsiling Drive and travel to student's house (North/ Northeast/ West)

Celine Lim

  • Diploma in music performance (ABRSM) 

  • Grade 8 Piano and theory  (ABRSM)

  • Ms. Celine Lim has been teaching piano free lanced for 10 years. Previously taught at Music Concerto school for 2 years prior. Students age range from 4 years old - 42 years old and from beginner to grade 8.

  • Teaching methods tailored to suit student's age and ability.

Woodlands/ North/ East/ West/ North East/ Central

Vivian Phang

  • ATCL Associate Diploma of the London College of Music (LCM, U.K.)

  • Certified Teacher diploma teaching 

  • Grade 8 piano and theory (ABRSM; U.K.)

  • Ms. Vivian Phang has more than 20 years teaching experience. 

  • -teaching different genres to students from 5 years old onwards 
    -preparing the students to take exam 
    - teaching adults for non exams purpose 
    - teaching students with special needs.

Home Studio: Canberra and Simei & travel to student's house

Joanna Yan

  • Diploma in Piano Performance (NAFA) 

  • She has been teaching piano for 8 years.

  • She was awarded 2nd Prize in Chopin’s Waltz and 3rd Prize in Chopin’s Nocturne at Singapore International Youth Piano Competition 2019.

  • NAFA has equipped her with knowledge and skills which she is able to impart to her students with the right piano techniques, music theory, aural training, historically-informed practices, etc. She customizes her teaching approaches according to the learning needs and abilities of the students.

Home Studio: Woodlands Street 82 & travel to student's house

Ms Toh

  • CTABRSM Teaching Certificate

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms Toh has 22 years teaching experience from beginner to Grade 8. She has confident to guide very young (from age 4) to adult students throughout their music learning journey. To built a strong foundation and cultivate a love of music for students are my objectives. 

Yishun/ North/ Northeast/ Central


  • Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music) University of Malaya.

  • Ms. Amy has taught for 8 years plus, international and local students, all ages from kids to adults, She has done group classes before and individual classes, students with different aptitudes and with special needs as Tourettes, Dyslexia, ASD. I teach both for leisure and for exams (Trinity Guildhall and Abrsm).

  • Taught in 3 music schools as full time. Performed in school concerts at The Arts House, Raffles Hotel, Alliance Francais, The Colonial at Scott's and school camps at the East Coast Park.

  • She teaches classical and pop and focus on proper technique and select related materials for students so that the process of reading becomes easy from an early stage. Therefore she doesn't spoon-fed my students and they become independent.

  • She writes her own rhythm to teach it methodically and in a fun way. She also write and use simple lead sheets to impart chord learning some comping techniques and improvisation.

  • Theory at an early stage is mostly applicative theory so the time spent is used more constructively.

North/ Northeast/ West/ East/ Central

Christopher Tay

  • ABRSM Diploma in Principles of Instrumental Teaching (Piano)

  • ABRSM Grade 8 

  • A Level Music

  • Christopher has been teaching piano for more than 8 years.

  • He has prepared students for the ABRSM examinations up to Grade 8.

  • He in well versed in teaching students of all ages, and adapting the lesson pace to their needs.

  • Christopher strives to educate students in the fundamentals of music. He prefers that students attain a solid understanding of the basics of music before progressing to more advanced material. He provides students with knowledge in music performance, music history and exposure to various music genres like classical, popular, jazz and game music.

Canberra/ North/ North east/ West/ Central

Trina Wong

  • DEGREE( music education with psychology)

  • Currently in 2nd year in the course
    DIPLOMA (London college of music)

  • Teacher Trina have 11 years of experience in teaching children and adults. He student's age range from 4 to 65 years old. Specialize especially with children. She has three grade 8 students in the past, all graduate with merit and passes.

  • She is currently now teaching free lance and also for music centre in Holand Village. She will perform once every 2 -3 months in her private teacher's gathering and also attends piano performance gathering on every sunday at URA centre.

  • I'm a teacher who believes every student can achieve great measures with the right method approach, with accurate judgement of the student's learning style. Not just a teaching in notes recognition and exam base, but she loves to exercise some of her teaching method especially kodaly and dalcroze method into her private lesson to deepened her student's music appreciation and analytic skill.

  • Teacher Trina's strength is in her sight reading which she realized it starts cultivating in her teenage years where she enjoys playing new repertoires and also in score analyzing.

Woodlands Street 13

Joanne Law


  • Pursuing Advanced Certificate

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Joanne has 4 years  teaching experience. She is teaching students based on ABRSM exam and my students are able to score distinction in exam. She always encourage my her students to learn beyond exam pieces and she will recommend Hal Leonard Books to parents.

  • For young learners, there will be much emphasize on finger techniques and repertoires.

  • She usually conduct mock exam assessment before exam for them to prepare well. She organize annual mini performance at my studio to build their confidence to play in front of people. 

  • Besides, she is a church organist, piano accompanist in choir, and a soprano in youth choir. and she is experienced in ensemble playing.

North/ North East

Chong Shi Jie

  • Diploma in Piano ATCL (Trinity, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Currently, Ms. Shi Jie is pursuing Diploma in Piano LTCL.

  • 9 years experience

  • Opus One Music School (Singapore)
    Tans Music And Act Centre

  • Teach Piano Beginner To Grade 8

  • Teacher Pop Music

  • Organize performance group

  • Direct Student Their Rehearsals

  • Pop Music & Classical Music

  • Highest Grade 8 taught

  • around 40 Students

North/ North East/ East/ West/ Central

Siew Phan

  • 2017 Bachelor in Music Performance Singapore Raffles Music College (University of West London)

  • 2016 Foundation Degree in Music Performance Singapore Raffles Music College (University of West London)

  • 2014 Diploma in Music Singapore Raffles Music College

  • Siew Phan is a full time piano teacher with 2 years experience. She is teaching at Schumann Music Centre. 

  • She started learning a piano since 10 years old. She wants to be a patient and passion piano teacher. She is happy to share the music knowledge to student. 

  • In 2017, she held and performed her solo piano concert at Singapore Raffles Music Concert and lunch time concert. 

  • In 2016, she performed in a mini solo piano concert, with a title of "The Magic of Debussy" and lunch time concert. 

  • In 2015, she performed in the graduation concert at the Public Libraries-Auditorium, Woodlands.

  • In 2014, she performed in the graduation concert at Home TeamNS, Bukit Batok and lunch time concert. 



  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • Ms Rina has 15 years experience as a full time piano/keyboard teacher. 


Tifanny Tan

  • Diploma in Music 

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • Ms Tifanny Tan has 15 years of teaching experience, students ages from 4- 72 years old. Highest grade taught were grade 8.

  • She is patient and friendly, specialized in teaching classical music but also very experience in teaching adults for leisure learning.

Woodlands, travel to student's house


  • ALCM Diploma in Piano Performance (London College Music, U.K.) 

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Grade 8 Violin (ABRSM, U.K.) and is currently preparing for Diploma. 

  • Grade 5 Flute (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Ms Rezia taught in Christofori Music School from 2003 to 2009 and changed to teaching full time privately from 2010 to present . She had also been teaching Violin for 9 years .

  • She is an AMIS certified music trainer and started teaching in MOE schools as a private vendor since 2008 to present , for CCA Programmes .

  • She is a patient lady who is keen in teaching irregardless of classical or leisure pop songs , giving variety music lesson in MOE schools , Orff , Ukulele , Stomp, Boomwhacker etc. She holds annual students concert yearly . She has taught ages ranging from kids to adults and is also able to provide piano accompaniment for exams .


Ms Cheong

  • Bachelor Degree of Music 

  • Diploma in Piano Performance LTCL Distinction 

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Experienced Piano teacher as well as accompanist in Yishun area! If you are looking for a teacher who cares of your child's techinical works or someone to accompanying your examination, here is she! She graduated from University of Adelaide with Bachelor Degree of Music in year 2006. In year 2009, she passed her recital performance exam "Licentiate Trinity College of London" with distinction.

  • She is a regular RAD ballet pianist in SCGS since year 2010, as well as choir pianist and actively accompanying for violin, vocal and instrumentalist's graded to diploma examinations for ABRSM, O level music and all kind of auditions. Other than Singapore, she was previously a ballet, choir and violin accompanist in Malaysia and South Australia years 2000-2006, she was also a teaching staff in piano faculty of Methodist School of Music years 2013-2014.

  • Due to her many years of teaching and variety accompanying experience, she has certain expectation on student's classical playing technique and their understanding of performing art, therefore she knows the value and important of organising student's recital so her students could gain an experience of playing in front of audience through 'performing lesson', this is beneficial to both students and parents.

    Here are the lessons and accompanying service she offers:
    1) Students who keen to learn proper classical piano techniques from 5yrs old beginner(select by assessment) to diploma level.
    2) Leisure playing for teenager late beginner.
    3) Church improvisation playing short term course.
    4) Free assessment and consultant for those who willing to transfer from other piano teachers.
    5) Intensive grades 1-5 or 6-8 theory individual/group lesson available during June and December holiday which allow you to complete entire grade's content in days or weeks intensive course, this is suitable for those who are not free for consistent theory lesson during school day or other instrumentalists without theory lesson in their regular classes.
    6) Piano accompanying for ABRSM exam, O level music, all kind of auditions and even your solo recital.

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