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Chieng Lee Zse

  • Full time

  • Bachelor degree in music

  • 15years of teaching  experience. Able to teach from beginner to diploma level. Been doing  piano accompaniment for various instruments for exams etc.

  • Will teach based on students’ ability and closely monitor their progression

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Jasmine Chen

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Practical

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Theory

  • Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

  • 2012-2015: Piano teacher at Cristofori Music School
    2015-current: Freelance Piano teacher (full time)

  • Teaching experience: Taught piano for leisure till Grade 8

  • Good with kids, as I\'ve had experience of being a part time assistant  teacher in a Kindergarten, and also as an assistant music teacher in a  Montessori school in Singapore.

  • Currently in a music production company doing music composition and songwriting. In the midst of coming up with my own album.


Home Studio: Compassvale

Joanne Wong

  • Diploma in Piano Performance (ATCL, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Taught at Sonare Music school from 2014 to 2015, and private teaching from 2015 till present. Has experience with teaching children aged 6 and above, no age limits set for starting to pick up the piano. Teaching experience involves pop songs that students prefer or guidance through ABRSM /LCM exam syllabus.

  • Better with older students aged 8 onwards, with different teaching approaches towards students of younger and older ages respectively.Does not believe in punishments for learning the piano, instead preferring to reason with students and drawing out their interests and strengths during lessons.

Home Studio: Compassvale

Home Studio: Fernvale road & travel to northeast

Kelly Tang

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Qualications: ABRSM; Arsm, Grade 8 piano & theory. Trinity college; Performance certificate 

  • Ms Kelly Tang has over 20 years of experience and my youngest student is only 4 and the oldest at 40.

  • Currently MOE music teacher in primary school and every lesson is enjoyable and meaningful. 

  • She is a strict and yet fun piano teacher. Students will learn more than exam stuff and enjoy the music journey better. Correct foundation is also important. She is responsible and a teacher hoping to inspire students through songs (classical or pop). Sometimes she print songs for students and even give them free files so they can play properly.

  • Her students stay with her from beginner to grade 8 as she taught them correct playing (She is using Russian method, not the traditional curving hand method) to produce a nice tone even as young as beginner. 

  • She is using a brand new silent yus5 Yamaha piano at her home studio. 

Home Studio: Fernvale road & travel to northeast

Compassvale Street

Jelane Song

  • Licentiate Diploma of Piano Teaching (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • Performer's Certificate in Pianoforte (Trinity, U.K.) 

  • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Jelane has 16 years of piano teaching experience both in leading music schools and private home studio. She guided and inspired more than hundreds of students age ranging 4-60+ the joy of piano playing.

  • She is passionate in helping students to explore the wonderful world of music whether leisurely or achieving goals in graded music exams from beginner to diploma level. 

  • With more than 8 years of experience serving as a church pianist/keyboardist, students will be benefited in acquiring knowledge in contemporary/pop piano playing style.

  • She believes a good music education does not discover just the talent of a student but it also helps to mold and bring out the good qualities of an individual.

  • Through the years of teaching she is fortunate to witness how students grow to be more discipline, persevering and confident regardless of their background or age.

  • This has in turn inspired her to continuously upgrading herself in order to better share this beautiful language with her students. 

Compassvale Street

Home Studio: Sengkang Central Travel northeast and Central

Ivy Tan

  • DipAbrsm Performance (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • DipABRSM instrumental teaching

  • Grade 8 Violin & Piano (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • ABRSM grade 8 theory

  • Ms. Ivy Tan has 7 years teaching experience. 

  • 2 years in pre-school music education.
    3 years teaching piano at Cristofori music school.
    5 years teaching piano privately.

  • Have taught students from age 3.5 years old to 64 years old. Current highest grade that I'm teaching is grade 8.

  • When it comes to teaching, cultivating interest in music and piano is my number one priority. I believe that enjoying music and achieving excellence come hand-in-hand!

Home Studio: Sengkang Central Travel northeast and Central

Compassvale Link/ Northeast/ East/ North / Central

Jasmine Chen

  • Grade 8 Violin & Piano (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • Diploma in Music and Audio Technology from Singapore Polytechnic

  • Currently pursuing ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance

  • Ms. Jasmine loves kids, and is very patient with them. She is also experienced when it comes to teaching students of all ages, ranging from 4 years to adults. She believes in being an all rounded musician, and is not only good with Classical piano, but also loves to play the keyboard/piano and sing at the same time. Composing music and songwriting are also part of her hobbies.

  • More about Ms Jasmine:- 

  • She taught at Montessori Care Centre as a music teacher

  • Previously a full time piano teacher at Cristofori Music School from 2012-2015

  • Currently doing full time private piano teaching

  • Good in contemporary and pop piano, as well as singing

  • She is currently doing Songwriting and Music Composition at a Music Productions company

  • She has experience teaching in a pre-school before moving on to become a full time piano teacher

Compassvale Link/ Northeast/ East/ North / Central

Anchorvale/ Northeast

Joanne Liu

  • Grade 8 in both theory and practical (piano)

  • ATCL in singing 

  • Diploma in Music (Teaching) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts - Distinction

  • Bachelors in Education (Music) from National Institute of Education

  • Ms. Joanne Liu has been giving one-to-one lessons since 2014. Students range from age 4 to adults. She is comfortable with teaching students who want to learn just as an interest and also to pursue the academic route of taking ABRSM examinations.

  • She has been learning the piano since young and she value what Music can give. It enriches life, brings joy and provides an avenue for opportunities in the future.

  • She has performed since a young age but stopped due to work commitments. She loves singing and although she has attained a certificate, ATCL, in singing and do plan to continue this pursuit,

  • She is more confident in teaching piano. However, if the student would like to incorporate singing and playing the piano, I am able to assist in that as well.

  • She is passionate about Music and I believe every student is capable of learning when the right method or approach is communicated.

Anchorvale/ Northeast

Sengkang/ Northeast

Charlotte Chong

  • Diploma in piano performance from NAFA

  • Grade 8 in Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Charlotte Chong has 2 years  teaching experience. Previously taught in a music school for over a year, and the highest grade taught was grade 8.

  • She had regular performances in NAFA and played at the Lee Foundation Theatre for her final recital.

  • As someone who was a slow learner, she understands what it is like to struggle and having to digest very large pieces of information, without anyone else being able to explain more in depth.I had to find ways on my own to understand.

  • She believes that a strength of her is to be able to empathize with students who struggle, and she would able to better break down the information.

  • As her faculty head, Miss Lena Ching says " A Musician is someone who is in right relationship with music and constantly seeks to respond rightly to music over a lifetime."

  • It will be a long journey of continuous learning. She will be there to help her students to the best of her abilities.Remember, it the process of learning that is important, not the final grades.

Sengkang/ Northeast

Compassvale Crescent

Lin Minghui

  • LTCL diploma in piano from Trinity College London

  • ATCL diploma

  • Associate diploma in Teaching (Seimpi School of Music)

  • Grade 8 piano (merit) and Grade 8 Theory

  • Has taught piano for 15 years since 2003

  • Has experience teaching students as young as 3.5 years old, and from beginner to diploma (ATCL) level.

  • She focuses on imparting the right techniques, ear training and sight reading skills and also to inculcate good practicing habits in students so that they will develop a strong foundation to help them overcome any obstacles that they may face in learning music.

  • On the other hand, she believes that it is important to develop student’s interest in music and uses appropriate teaching materials and teaching methods to make lessons as interesting as possible to young students, while older students are taught to appreciate a wide range of repertoire from classical to modern jazz and pop, not just the usual 3 exam pieces. She believes that there is no one-size-fits-all method in teaching and tailors her teaching to suit each student’s personality, learning ability, learning style and goals.

  • She has a proven track record of students attaining merits and distinctions in ABRSM exams, with some attaining high distinctions and qualifying to perform for high scorer’s concert. She also has experience coaching students enrolled in ‘O’ and ‘A’ level MEP programs.

  • A dedicated and committed music teacher, she hopes to nurture students not only to obtain the skills and technique in piano playing, but also to develop a passion in music that lasts a lifetime. She organizes student concerts every 1-2 years to allow students to hone their performing skills and also for students to learn from one another. Besides teaching and preparing for lessons, she regularly attends workshops, seminars, masterclasses and concerts to ensure continued music learning and growth.

  • Currently teaches in her home studio in Sengkang, equipped with a Schimmel 188l grand piano for teaching advanced levels as well as a Weber 121 upright for teaching beginner to intermediate levels. 

Compassvale Crescent

 Rivervale Drive/ North/ East/ West/ Central

Bernice Koh

  • Grade 8 Piano & Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms Bernice Koh has been teaching piano for about 8 years. SHe has taught various kind of students are is able to conduct lesson using different teaching methods that suit student's learning abilities.

  • She is a school pianist and have her solo recital "Studio Ghibli"  at the STI Auditorium together with her piano students. 

Rivervale Drive/ North/ East/ West/ Central

Rivervale Crescent

Siew Lin

  • Bachelor in Music

  • Grade 8 Piano & Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms. Siew Lin is an experienced and patient teacher.

  • She taught in Yamaha before. 

  • She is able to guide students from the beginners to grade 8.

Rivervale Crescent

Compassvale Street

Clara Yu

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • Grade 4 Violin (ABRSM. U.K.)

  • Ms Clara Yu has been teaching part time since 2003, her youngest student is 5 years old and her oldest student is 74 years old, ranging from graded lesson to leisure playing. In the past,

  • She taught in her home studio Sengkang Singapore, I would like to continue to pursue my interest in teaching piano again. I had taught in Pianotech (Malaysia) and Play By Ear (Singapore) on a part time basis. Her highest graded student is Grade 5 Piano ABRSM and Grade 8 Music Theory. 

  • She is a systematic teacher with eyes for details, loves to play both classical and pop pieces, soft spoken but does not compromise on technique and posture. She still practice on her hanon daily and believe that the love and journey to music is never ending.

  • Since she also a tech geek, she loves to create different sound with her M Audio Keystation and create her own music. She also uses My Music Staff to manage mherlessons, fees and downloadable materials. She is a total package of classical and modern music.

Compassvale Street

Sengkang / North East

Chen Jinci

  • Diploma in Piano Performance ATCL (Trinity, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Certificate in Music Therapy with Distinction (CoE, U.K.)

  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

  • Ms Jinci has been playing for her church’s youth ministry for more than 15 years and currently serves as a worship service pianist for her church where she enjoys chords improvisation and harmony. With experiences in piano accompaniment for bands and pop song playing, adults who would like to learn for leisure are welcomed too!

    As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Ms Jinci is passionate about helping each student discover his/her strengths and develop his/her potential in life. She customises her teaching style according to each student, to motivate them according to the individual's learning style and interests. She also helps her students learn in a fun and engaging manner by connecting music concepts to relatable stories to aid in understanding and application.

Sengkang / North East

Sengkang/ Buangkok/ Hougang

Joanne Lai

  • Diploma in Piano Performance (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, Trinity, U.K.)

  • Ms. Joanne Lai has 3 years of teaching experience in a music school, students from 4 years (beginners) and above, 

  • She is a fun-loving and enjoy interacting with young children, to share her passion for music with them. She believes that interest can be developed and nurtured, while at the same time having fun in the process.

  • She started learning music and playing the piano since she was 4 years old. She is patient and would like to nurture more people to develop an interest towards appreciating/learning music and performing. Lessons would be conducted based on individuals' learning progress.

Sengkang/ Buangkok/ Hougang



  • BA (Hons) in Music (NAFA); Diploma in Music (NAFA)

  • Grade 8 Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • Ms Avy has 11 years full time teaching experience

  • She is using various teaching, aural awareness etc. teachng methodology such as solfege singing, rote



Shervonne Ng

  • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 5 years teaching experience in music school. 

  • Ms. Shervonne has taught students age range from 4 years and up. She wants to impart her music skills to her students. She likes teaching children. To make lesson more interesting and fun for young children, games, flash cards, activities are used during lesson time.

  • She is pursuing Diploma in piano performance LTCL.


Sengkang East Way

Vanessa Chia

  • Diploma in Digital Music and Audio Technology

  • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 4 years teaching experience for both group and individual. 

  • Ms. Vanessa Chia has been a performer in a Symphonic band for the past 10 years playing the Tuba as well as performing as a vocalist for the past 3 years. Her experience with music has started when she was young and would like to pass on this knowledge to her students. 


Sengkang East Way

Rivervale Street

Karen Goh

  • Diploma in Piano Teaching (ABRSM, U.K.) 

  • ALCM Diploma in Performance 

  • Grade 8, Piano and Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

  • 20 years full time teaching experience

Rivervale Street

Riverwale Walk

Amanda Yeo

  • ABRSM Practical Grade 8;  ABRSM Theory Grade 8

  • Currently pursuing ABRSM Diploma in Piano Performance 

  • 7 years teaching experience in school and teaching privately

  • Patience in guiding students by assessing their characteristics and understand their learning abilities; Lead by example by diplaying proper postures and techniques 

Riverwale Walk

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