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Every parent Must Read: Story Behind Lang Lang When He Was Young

Lang was born in Shenyang, capital town of northeast China's Liaoning Province, in 1982. His father was a musician enjoying traditional Chinese music instrument Erhu, while his mother a singer. He showed his music talent at the age of two, when he was attracted by a chunk of music within cartoon series Tom and Jerry.

Lang's father bought him the piano subsequent year. At the age of fіve, he won the top prize at a neighborhood piano competition іn Shenyang and performed his first public recital.

He had a rather a completely different life from other school children. When he was nine, in fifth grade, he woke up daily at 5am to practice piano for an hour. Then he went to school until 3pm, came home, practiced piano additionally, and so he did school work in the evening. He practiced piano five hours a day! However, he stills manage to have fun. They had ten minute break between their classes at school, and that's when they would play games, tell jokes and have a good time.

When Lang begins to play the piano, everything suddenly makes sense, The Chinese genius cannot quite notice the words to mention what he suggests that in English, thus reached for the keys of a Steinway piano close by. His fingers flutter through a breathtakingly lovely passage of Ravel and his meaning becomes clear, this music does not work for him, however a way of escape, from the difficulties of language.

"When he was a kid Lang was too shy. "Music became a sort of communication. Through piano, a lot of individual will begin to grasp what Lang was thinking."

When Lang was nine, his father told him to kill himself. Four years before, his father had determined that his sole son ought to become the No. 1 classical player in China. He gave up his job as a police officer and took his son to Beijing, leaving the Lang's mother behind, planning to get the child into the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music.

However, his teacher in Beijing, nicknamed Professor Angrу bу Lang, believed he was not good enough. "Professor Angry failed to like him and she perpetually gave him a tough time."

One afternoon she said that he had no talent, that he should not play the piano and he should go home. She basically fired him before he might even get into the conservatory.

Unbelievably, when Lang Lang's father heard the news, he demanded that the boy take his own life. It was extremely hard for the boy.

His father went totally nuts, Lang Lang's father said:" You shouldn't live any more - everything is destroyed." The father handed his boy a bottle saying, "Take these pills!" The moment Lang ran out on to the balcony to get away from him, his father screamed: "Then jump off and die."

Lang got totally crazy, he was beating the wall, trying to prevent himself as being a pianist destroying his hands. At that instance, Lang hated everything, his father, the piano, himself. He gone nuts too.

After that he didn't want to play piano anymore, Lang said," OK, fine. Let's go home to his father the brutal taskmaster after planning to make Lang Lang commit suicide out of shame of a perceived failure.

Lang Lang later surpassed his father's desire by not giving up, staying focused, determined, working smartly and it paid off. The musician's recitals and concerts sell out in every major city in the world now and he is the first Chinese pianist to be engaged by the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic orchestras.

Lang has played with President Obama at the White House and before a world audience of billions at the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Lang has even become a trademark.

Students should never give up regardless of how the obstacle because of what does not kill you makes you more powerful.

Lang's advice: Parents need to stop being so pushy, he says, of their youngsters will fail at the piano. And teachers need to avoid being so strict," Some teachers are incredibly narrow-minded and just say, "Do this! Do that!" Just like marching in a police drill!

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