Jean Liu

  • Pursuing Diploma in Piano Performance

  • Grade 8 ABRSM

  • Studied Pop and Jazz Music under NIE Professor Larry Hilarian

Teaching Experience

  • From Music Appreciation, Leisure to Grading, I have been teaching kids ranging from 4 to 20 years old for about 6 years as a part time piano teacher, and have decided to become a full time teacher early this year 2020.
    I have currently about 10 students learning piano under me. The highest grade I have taught so far is grade 5. Most of my student score merit or distinction for ABRSM syllabus, with 100% passing rate.

About Teacher Jean

  • Over the years of experience, I have taught students from all walks of life. Hence, my teaching approach have picked up different insights and have grown to become more flexible in accommodating different kids. I am experienced with kids that has anxiety or overly active, and engaged them with different fun activities to keep them motivated.

    As a teacher, my passion is to make sure my students enjoy their learning process and build up interest in them. I am inspired to be a teacher that brings love to the students, like a family, guiding the next generation to the world of music.

    As piano can simultaneously produce melody, harmony and rhythm, it plays a very huge advantage for individuals who are upskilling as both, musician and vocalist. Being able to play basic chords for vocal exercises takes the guess work out of hitting those notes correctly. Hence, singing has played a huge role my music journey, not mention it is part of the ABRSM exam syllabus. Bring in a choir for more than 12 years, I am able to impart my students with the correct technique of singing, helping them to hear the voices in the pieces that they are playing easier.


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