Liew Jie Ying

  • Master of Music with Distinction

  • Full-time piano teacher

  • Can teach ALL levels including MEP, O level Music, ABRSM Syllabus, Diploma, leisure  etc

  • Accompaniment for all instruments and grades

  • Studio in Admiralty

Teaching Experience

  • Master of Music with Distinction from University of Otago

  • Bachelor of Music (Hons) First class from NAFA in collaboration with Royal College of Music London

  • Diploma in Music Performance NAFA Distinction

  • ATCL, LTCL Trinity College London Distinction

  • Won piano competitions 

  • Collaborated with internationally acclaimed instrumental soloists

  • Certified MOE AMIS instructor

  • Recipient of Ngee Ann Kongsi Merit Award, Yamaha Scholarship and Ida G White Memorial Prize in Music

  • Students 100% passing rate.. Mostly at least a Merit to Distinction

  • Taught in music schools such as Methodist School of Music, Able Piano Studio, one of the biggest in Auckland and The Music Suite 

  • Teaching since 2008 : 12 years experience 

  • Played for church choir and worship

  • Accompanied primary/secondary school choirs for SYF

  • Also has experience in conducting keyboard and ukulele enrichment programmes in primary schools 

What is your teaching philosophy?

  • To motivate students to achieve their goals in a more fun and rewarding way (young kids)

  • I’m patient and dedicated, I believe in nurturing the potential of each student. 

  • To teach good practice methods to progress fast, knowing how to practise, rather than just correcting the student. I teach them how to practise efficiently. 

  • Long term I believe in building a good foundation and technique, and an extensive repertoire

  • To provide a chance for students to have music interaction(collaborative playing etc) with other fellow peers.

About Teacher Jie Ying

  • Hi, I’m Ms Jie Ying. I have been teaching the piano since 2008. Besides teaching, I do piano accompaniments regularly as well, having experiences with a wide range of instruments in concerts, exams and competitions.

  • During my journey in teaching, I have met many students, ranging from 3 years to even up to 70 years old.

  • The joy of seeing them eagerly wanting to show you what they have practised, being able to play a song from nothing, and simply just seeing improve makes me contented and motivated as a music teacher.

  • Every year, I try my best to organise performance classes, concerts or recital for my students, kids and adults to perform. I believe it is important for students to have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers to build up their confidence, and most importantly share the joy of music with others.

  • Throughout my years in learning piano, even to tertiary levels,  was given many opportunities to perform, not only that, a chance to be involved with fun educational music group activities, so that we can also have fun with our fellow peers besides attending the usual 1 to 1 serious piano class. All these pieced up together, helped me to mature and grow as a well rounded musician. This is what I’d like to try my best to provide for my own students too. I believe that by having a more holistic approach, students can then really understand what is music all about, and that music is not just about hitting the right notes and producing a sound.


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